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High River Murals

Two new murals were unveiled in June 2016 during the Town of High River’s annual community celebration

The first mural is located on the west side of the Servus Credit Union and was designed by Michelle Loughery. The design entitled “New Roots” (below) features horses running through water. The mural reflects the unity of the community working together to move forward through spirit and determination.

The second new mural is located on the north wall of Highwood Printing and was designed by Alex Pavlenko. The design (below) represents the spirit of community celebrating High River’s renewal. The viewer is invited to join a circle of people who have linked hands while children dance in the centre. Surrounding elements such as hot air balloons, natural attractions and the local landscape add positive symbols of hope and joy for the future. 

The selected designs were the number two and four options of six potential choices that the public was invited to vote on as part of the selection process. The mural committee received more than 3,000 votes, either through an online submission or a paper ballot at Town facilities.

This project is made possible through a grant from The Calgary Foundation. For more information, please review the links below or contact Kim Unger at kunger@highriver.ca or call 403-603-3533


Arts and Culture Advisory Committee 

Town of High River Murals 

Michelle Loughery “New Roots”

Submission 2


Alex Pavlenko, representing the spirit of community celebrating High River’s renewal

Submission 4


Mural Maintenance

Town committee looking for feedback on the murals in High River

May 30, 2016 - updated June 14, 2016

The Town’s Arts and Culture Advisory Committee (ACAC) recently created a survey to collect feedback from the public regarding High River’s 15 existing murals that depict significant people and historic events.

“We are about to unveil two brand new murals in June and we are just looking for some thoughts, ideas and opinions from people on the ongoing maintenance of these murals going forward,” says Kim Unger, parks planning supervisor with the Town.

Residents, businesses, property owners and visitors were all encouraged to share their thoughts to help the ACAC determine if there is a need for an ongoing maintenance plan, and if so, how should the Committee fund this plan.

“It’s important to keep in mind the emotional significance that these murals have,” adds Unger. “It is also important to understand that maintaining these murals over the long term will require funding and support.”

The survey had 129 responses and the full results are available here.

For more information on the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee and the Town’s murals please visit www.highriver.ca

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