12th Avenue Reconstruction from Baker Creek to 1st Street SW

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12th Avenue reconstruction from Baker Creek to 1st Street SW

February/March 2020 Update

Requests for Prequalification for contractors to build the Southwest Dike and 12th Avenue was advertised in January/February. Upon review of the submissions, eleven (11) contractors were prequalified on February 28, 2020. Shortlisted contractors have been invited to bid on the construction. The deadline for contractor pricing is April 7, 2020.

Detailed Drawings

View detailed drawings of the project.

Project Information

The project was presented to council (COTW) on March 9, 2020 . View the minutes of the meeting for more information.

The following outlines in general terms, the major design and constraints for the proposed 12th Avenue project:

  • The project will begin at Baker Creek (west section of 12th Avenue to 72nd Street E will be reconstructed as part of the SW Dike project) to 1st Street SW.
  • This road is home to significant trees both on public and private properties. All reasonable measures will be undertaken to preserve these trees and reduce the likelihood of damages. Trees have been located and are shown on the drawings. A tree protection plan much like SW Phase 5: Highwood Trail will be required.
  • 12th Avenue will be reconstructed mostly to a hybrid cross section (ditch on the south side and curb and gutter on north side) except for west of Highwood Trail development. The road will be 7.0 meters wide with a 1.0 meter shoulder on the south side. Ditch side slopes will be 3:1, with a 1.0 meter flat bottom ditch and a backslope to property line. Initial discussions relating to additional right of way have taken place with the adjacent landowner but no agreement has been reached yet. The outcome of these discussions will determine the backslope that can be achieved.
  • It is proposed that the existing pathway would be largely overlaid with new pavement. Reconstruction of the pathway is largely not required.
  • All storm infrastructure is proposed to be replaced within the 12th Avenue right of way from Highwood and including 1St Street SW, and the south ditch graded to achieve positive drainage to the east and south eventually to the Montrose storm pond.
  • The drawings show replacement of water and sanitary infrastructure. This will be largely dependent upon funding. If this work is undertaken, it is proposed to realign the water line within the road ROW all the way to 1St Street SW creating a full 300mm water distribution loop around the SW of High River. Changes to the water alignment will be necessary to avoid conflicts with the trees located on the north side of 12th
  • Illumination of the road is proposed only at each intersection to accepted standards. Presently, there is illumination at every intersection except for Baker Creek. A request for feedback on the proposed lighting has been sent to Baker Creek Condo Association. Light standards will be the same as those on Macleod Trail west of the roundabout. The relocation of the existing overhead powerline (alley west of 7th Street to Baker Creek) to underground was investigated but it was found to be cost prohibitive.
  • This project is proposed to be undertaken as part of the SW Dike project (it will be started once the SW Dike is mostly complete/underway) thereby completing flood protection and the last significant renewal project in the SW at once.

Updates on this project will be posted to the major project map at www.highriver.ca