2021 Municipal Budget

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2021 Approved Municipal Budget Documents: 

The following documents are PDFs:

2021 Final Approved Capital Budget
2021 Approved Amended Capital Budget
2021 – 2030 Final Approved 10 Capital Plan Summary
2021 Final Approved Operating Budget by Account by Division

2021 Municipal Budget Articles – Explaining the Budget Process

Issue #1 November 17: Budget Overview (PDF)
Issue #2: November 18: The Budget Process (PDF)
Issue #3 November 19: Services & Quality of Life (PDF)
Issue #4 November 20: Setting the Tax Rate (PDF)

Council Budget Meetings

The Town of High River invited residents and business owners to virtually attend this year’s budget meetings. At these meetings, Council reviewed the proposed 2021 Municipal Budget to go through numbers in detail, ask questions and receive information. The meetings concluded with the final proposed 2021 Municipal Budget presentation on December 14, 2020 at the regular meeting of Council, where it was recommended for approval.

Invitation to virtually attend budget meetings – media release
“These meetings allow Council to go through the numbers in detail and see what is possible with the resources available. At the end of the day we want to make sure the Town’s strategic priorities, major projects and community needs receive appropriate levels of funding.” Mayor Craig Snodgrass. Read more…



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