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SE Mains Replacement Phase 4: Work begins May 24

Centre Street Road Closures Update: May 22, 2020 (PDF)

*Summary of Project

This is the last remaining major renewal underground project in the Southeast. It is funded by the Long Term Recovery Grant (LTRG) which is for the replacement of flood damaged infrastructure. The project is proposed to be tendered out in late February and begin in the spring of 2020. In May 2019, council instructed administration to design the road as per the approved preliminary plans:

The project location is Centre Street from 2nd Ave to 7th Avenue. Tie in to already reconstructed infrastructure is proposed on 4th Avenue (to alley), 5th Avenue, and 7th Avenue. A paved parking lot is also proposed in the 6th Avenue right of way between 520 and 604 Centre Street. Paving and underground is proposed to be replaced in the alley east of Centre between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. The intersection of 7th Avenue and Centre Street will be realigned. A crosswalk equipped with Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFB) will be established at 5th Avenue and Centre (northside) to accommodate east/west pedestrian movements to and from the Downtown.

The proposed road will be developed to ultimately accommodate x4 3.5 meter driving lanes with barrier curbs. In the meantime, aside for intersections, the road is proposed to be two opposing 3.5 meter wide lanes with 3.5 meter wide parking where appropriate on each side of the street. Full depth road structure will be placed in the parking areas in anticipation for the future. Should the need arise in the future to twin this road the parking will be removed and the surface infrastructure (i.e. bump outs) will be removed.

Bump outs will be constructed at the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th intersections. There will be some limited changes to approach locations for some lots in the interest of access management and consolidation.

To achieve room for sidewalks and landscaping, the existing overhead utilities are being replaced underground (Centre Street Utility Relocation Project) to be within the old CPR lands. Street illumination will be installed as part of the project. The locations of the light standards are such that they are in bump out or boulevard locations, to minimize pedestrian conflicts.

All of the existing underground infrastructure will be replaced such as water and sanitary. Storm infrastructure will also be added including street drainage.

1.8 meter wide separate sidewalks are proposed on both sides of the street. A grassed boulevard area including trees is proposed on the west side of the street.

ATCO Gas have indicated that they want to replace the existing 400mm gas line that is located within Centre Street close to the west boundary.

*Note: Certain details may change over time. The parking lot layout in the above preliminary drawings has now changed.

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