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Updated July 2019

All work is complete in Beachwood plus the 1140-12th Ave property.

The Beachwood area has been hydro-seeded and is currently under a 12-month warranty period for grass stabilization.

We ask that all citizens refrain from walking on the new hydro-seeded areas and stay on the roadways and sidewalks. As for the 1140-12th Ave property, please refrain from driving in the area. See the map below.

Returning Beachwood to an undeveloped state

The Government of Alberta purchased all properties in the neighbourhood of Beachwood as part of the provincial floodway relocation program. The long term plan for this area is to remove all buildings and infrastructure and return it to an undeveloped state.

In 2018, Visco Demolition Contractors Ltd. began removing foundations, grinding concrete, demolishing and/or moving buildings, backfilling and compacting in the area.

in 2019 the area will be hydro-seeded and returned to a passive state. The Town and the Government of Alberta are requesting that residents and visitors refrain from entering the area due to  Occupational Health and Safety Regulations as it will be an active demolition site.

The Government of Alberta (GOA) and the Town of High River request the public’s cooperation to respect these areas. Considerable investment has been made in restoring this area for future public passive use and all vehicles and illegal dumping of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Updates on this project will be posted to the major project map at