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The Town of High River is moving toward paperless billing for business license renewals. Renewals are e-mailed at the beginning of January.  Please contact for inquiries.

Below are the main types of business licenses available in the Town of High River. Click here to view the 4511-2017 Business License Bylaw.


Resident Business License Application

This category covers all businesses within the Town of High River operating from home and those operating out of a store-front or commercial location.

There are two types of Home Occupations, a Major Home Occupation and a Minor Home Occupation.

Home Occupations are allowed in the Traditional Neighborhood District (TND), Neighborhood Centre District (NCD), Central Business District (CBD) and the Service and Employment District (SED).

To find out what district you are in, please refer to the Land Use Bylaw map. It will take you directly to the district and will outline the regulations for the type of Home Occupation you are looking for.

Minor Home Occupations, do not require a Development Permit, however they do require a business license.  Minor Home Occupations typically consist of an office setup with a desk and telephone.  You can obtain a business license by contacting our office at (403) 652-2110 or by e-mail at

All Major Home Occupations require a Development Permit.  Examples of a Major Home Occupation are Hair Salons, Massage Therapy or any business that generates client visitation or deliveries to the residence.  You can contact the Planning and Development Division for more information by calling (403) 652-2110 or by e-mail at

All storefront businesses must obtain a Tenant Occupancy Permit.  Please contact the Safety Codes Department at

As each application can vary substantially in terms of permit requirements prior to business license issuance, please contact to obtain the appropriate application forms.

Non-resident Business License Application

All businesses which are based outside of High River but come into town to work must acquire a local license.  There are variations of licenses available, such as daily, or weekly, or monthly to accommodate more short-term work commitments.  There is no formal application process for this type of business other than submission of a standard application form along with the appropriate license fee.

Business License application – Food Truck/Food Cart & Mobile Business

This license includes all businesses that serve food or beverages from a mobile vehicle. The license options for this type of business are daily, weekly, monthly or annually. A Food Truck business license requires a copy of a current fire inspection and Alberta Health inspection reports.

Food Truck Information Letter

Food Truck Inspection Options for Vendors Letterhead


For further information relating to business licensing in High River please contact:

Change of Use or Intensification of Use Application Form

Change of Use or Intensification of Use Handout

When a business is proposed to move into an existing building, or if an existing business wishes to expand, a change of use will be required where the new use is not approved by the land use district. This application is used to change the use or intent of a building that results in or is likely to result in a change in the intent of use of the land or building. Please contact Planning and Development Services for a list of approved and discretionary land uses for your district.  In addition, a Tenant Occupancy Permit will be required.  Please contact the Safety Codes Department at

If you are planning to install signage for your business, community group or condo association, you will need to complete the signage application process.