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May 15 – Happy Trails pathway closure required for legacy project paving

Happy Trails paved in Canada 150 legacy project

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary since confederation, the community completed fundraising for a legacy project that paid for final paving of a section of the Happy Trails in the southwest part of town.

The section of Happy Trails is now completed and runs from the north end of 7 Street S.W. to connect with Macleod Trail S.W.

Fundraising for this community project was led by the Canada 150 Community Leaders Duncan Scott, Tammy Beach and Courtney Berlingette with the goal being to reach $192,000.

All that remains to be completed for the project is the signage that will be installed along the new section of Happy Trails. All donors will be recognized as part of this legacy project – stay tuned for details!

Three High River residents, Courtney Berlinguette, Tammy Beach, and Duncan Scott were named as the Town’s volunteer community leaders for Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

“We have chosen these three amazing volunteers to represent High River at a national level because of their unique contributions within our community,” said Mayor Craig Snodgrass. “All three of them are from different walks of life and are extremely strong leaders in our town.”

Courtney Berlinguette is a young artist and community leader who directed a youth-centered street art project last summer celebrating the past and present people of High River. She continues to contribute her unique voice to the community through her participation on the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council.

Tammy Beach was recently recognized as ‘Volunteer of the Year’ for her participation on countless community boards and committees including; the Recreation Advisory Committee, the Community Vitality Committee and Citizens on Patrol, to name a few.  Her unwavering passion and ‘action-taking’ attitude contribute to making High River a great place to live.

Duncan Scott is a former member of High River Council and is a respected leader in the business community. He is also an active member and past president of the local Rotary Club.  Duncan’s experience, optimism, and leadership skills on the Planning and Renewal Advisory Committee have guided High River’s recovery.

“These three will represent High River in the Canada 150 community leaders’ network,” said Tracy Morgan, recreation administration and programming supervisor with the Town. “The network will be comprised of community leaders from thousands of municipalities across Canada, and our nominees will provide a voice for High River during the year-long celebrations.”

Council is encouraging community groups, businesses, organizations, residents, and anyone who is planning activities to celebrate Canada 150 to connect with these leaders for support, networking, and to participate in the many different activities that High River will offer this year.

For more information on the Canada 150 Community Leaders network, please visit the FCM website. Follow this network of local leaders on Twitter using #Canada150 and on Facebook.

The four major donors to the Canada 150 Legacy Trail project joined High River Town Council and Senior Leadership on Nov. 29 for a short presentation on the fundraising achievements of the project to date.

Lisa Reinders, director of community services for the Town, spoke about the project and recognized the efforts of individual donors before introducing representatives from the four major donor groups and inviting them to speak.

Large donations have been made by Western Financial Group ($10,000), Canadian Tire – Jumpstart ($10,000), the High River District Health Care Foundation ($15,000), and on behalf of the Pickersgill Family ($120,000).

The majority of the fundraising goal has been raised by families, individuals and businesses that will be recognized with signage that will be installed on the new section of Happy Trails.