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Every Resident Matters.

High River’s 2019 Census is now completed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A municipal census is the official count of dwelling units (households) and the population (people) living in these units. The count is taken via door-to-door collection and physical recording of data by census enumerators. Questions asked in the census are geared towards finding out the number of people in the household, their ages, gender, employment status, primary mode of transportation, etc. The information provided is secured and the raw data will only be viewed by the Town’s Legislative Services staff.

The census is conducted starting on April 1 as per provincial legislation, and in accordance with Section 57 of the Municipal Government Act (Revised Statutes of Alberta 1994, Chapter M-26.1), Alberta Regulation 63/2001.

This is the first time since the 2013 flood that the Town has conducted a municipal census. Since then, the population of High River has been growing steadily. Information collected through the census provides the Town with opportunities to apply for and receive both Federal and Provincial grant funding. The amounts provided through the grants are calculated on a per capita basis; The Town receives approximately $220 in provincial and federal grants for each resident counted.

The information collected through the census also helps the Town to make informed and appropriate decisions on the provision of population-based services, such as roads, fire protection, policing, utilities, social programing, and recreation facilities, to name a few.

The information is also used by a variety of outside agencies such as businesses, charities, researchers, etc.

The Federal census collects different information than a municipal census and is conducted once every five years in the month of May (i.e. 2001, 2006, 2011, etc.). In the Federal census, census questionnaires are mailed to every household in Canada. Households who do not complete their questionnaire are visited by a Federal census worker.

Please contact the Town of High River Legislative Services division at legislativeservices@highriver.ca.

When You Count Yourself In:

  • High River receives important funding to build and improve our community.
  • Funding improves roads, policing, social programs and helps support recreation facilities and other community programs and services.
  • Many forms of funding are allocated on a per-head basis, making an accurate count important.

We are listening – help us grow to support you.