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The Town recently launched a survey to collect feedback from readers about the distribution and quality of content for the Town Crier.

The survey ran throughout November and we would like to thank all participants for providing us with some very informative and valuable feedback that will help us improve the Town Crier going into 2019.

Most of the survey participants stated that they read the printed version of the Town Crier that is inserted as a flyer in the High River Times. Participants also clearly indicated that it is important to them that a print version remain available and said they preferred to continue home delivery via the High River Times.

A significant number of participants indicated that they read both the print and the digital versions of the Crier and appreciate having the option for both. There were also a fair number of participants who only read the digital, but those were fewer than the groups who read the print only or both versions.

Some comments on the survey indicated that readers were not aware there is a digital version of the Town Crier and that they would be interested in subscribing.

Other comments on the survey focused on the printed flyer and that it is appreciated, but sometimes hard to find within the additional flyers in the High River Times.

These comments included:
“[The hard copy] gets “lost” amongst all of the flyers …when this large stack arrives on door step with the High River Times.”
“Printing the Crier on high gloss paper is costly [and] not very green. The information could be printed as part of the Times.”
“I think including the Town news would flesh out the Times which needs help by the scarcity of the pages.”
“Stop printing it and include the information in the High River Times.”

The Town is happy to report that more than 85 per cent of survey participants indicated the quality of information in the Town Crier as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ with just over 10 per cent stating the content was ‘okay’ or ‘needs improvement.’

The majority of comments about the Town Crier content indicated that readers would like more local events listed in the Crier, as well as more details about council meetings and features about Town departments and staff.

Taking all this feedback into account, we are ready to implement a solution in partnership with the High River Times that will satisfy our readers, reduce printing costs and limit the waste and recycling of the printed Crier.

Starting with the first Town Crier in 2019 (Jan. 11), The Town Crier will now appear on page 9 of the High River Times every second and fourth Friday of the month, excluding July and August when only one Town Crier will be issued.
This ensures that a print issue continues to be available and will continue to be delivered within the High River Times.

The digital issue of the Crier will remain unchanged and will continue to be sent out on the same morning that the printed Crier is distributed.

Anyone interested in subscribing to the digital Town Crier can visit and click ‘subscribe to the Town Crier’ on the bottom left of the home page under ‘Stay Connected.’ You can also email for staff to sign you up manually or help you with any issues you might be having with your account.

The Town also posts a link to the Town Crier on each publication date to Facebook and Twitter – readers are welcome to read or subscribe to the Crier via those links.

We would like to thank our readers and the participants in our survey for their feedback and we look forward to continuing to provide quality news and information.

We are committed to incorporating your ideas and comments into the Town Crier into 2019 and for many more years to come!

A reminder that the December 28 issue will be the last Town Crier flyer inserted within the High River Times.

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