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Help make a difference in your community! Apply to sit on a High River board or committee.

Current vacancies include:

  • Community Vitality Advisory Committee– 2 Organizational Meeting vacancies
  • Assessment Review Board – 2 Organizational Meeting vacancies
  • Family and Community Support Services Board – 4 Organizational Meeting vacancies
  • Heritage Advisory Board – 2 current /4 Organizational Meeting vacancies
  • High River Regional Airport Board – 1 Town representative
  • Library Board – 1 current/1 Organizational Meeting vacancy
  • Policing Committee – 1 current/4 Organizational Meeting vacancies
  • Subdivision & Development Appeal Board – 2 current/3 Organizational Meeting vacancies
  • Arts and Culture Advisory Committee – 1 Organizational Meeting vacancy

Please submit resumes and applications to Legislative Services.

Sitting on a board or committee

The Town of High River has a variety of boards and committees appointed by council that cover a wide range of topics that help guide and shape the town. Volunteering to sit on a municipal board or committee is a great way for residents to make a difference in the community and to share their knowledge, experience and ideas.

Boards and committees are regularly engaged as a resource for Town of High River projects, or may lead projects on their own.

Term length can range from one to three years depending on the vacancy that is open. Time commitments vary depending on the board and committee.  For example, some boards and committees only meet when required, whereas others meet on a monthly basis for approximately three to four hours.

Appointment Process

Applications with attached resumes are welcome at any time during the year.

Vacancies may occur from time to time due to resignations and may be advertised in the Town Crier and on the website throughout the year.

Council’s Board Applicant Review Committee reviews all applications and makes appointment recommendations to Council throughout the year and at the annual organizational meeting held at the end of October.

All applicants will be notified of their appointment to a Board or Committee of their choosing.

Public Welcome

Pursuant to Section 197 of the Municipal Government Act, members of the public are welcome to attend any of Council’s Board and Committee meetings. The Boards and Committees hold regularly scheduled meetings and are outlined on the Board & Committee List. The website should be consulted to find out whether meetings have been cancelled, rescheduled, or whether special meetings have been called.

The High River Arts & Culture Advisory Committee was established by Council to provide recommendations regarding programming and facilities relative to arts and culture. This committee also seeks to work collaboratively with external boards, private and public interest groups on matters pertaining to arts and culture.

For more information please review governing Bylaw 4216/2008 and Amending Bylaw 4494-2016.

The Municipal Government Act requires the Town to establish an Assessment Review Board for the purpose of hearing complaints about assessments that have been received by the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board.  Board members are duly appointed by the Councils of municipalities, of which the Town of High River is one, participating in a joint regional assessment review board agreement.  If you would like to become a member please contact Legislative Services.  Please visit the Assessment Review Process page for more information

Assessment Review Board Decisions

The Community Vitality Advisory Committee has the authority by Council to approve community enhancement projects up to $2,000 from the Community Vitality Funds as established by the Community Vitality Fund Policy.  The committee takes its recommendations to council for projects above $2,000 and, if council agrees with the committee’s recommendation, a resolution authorizing the distribution of Community Vitality Funds is passed by way of resolution.

For more information please review:

The Emergency Management Committee advises Council on the development of emergency plans and programs and acts as the agent of Council to carry out its statutory powers and obligations under the Act. This does not include the power to declare, renew, or terminate a state of local emergency, nor the powers contained in Section 12 of governing Bylaw 3843/1999.

For more information please review governing Bylaw 3843/96.

The Family & Community Support Services Advisory Board was established by council for the purpose of pursuing and implementing Family & Community Support Services within the Town of High River.

For more information please review governing Bylaw 4420-2014 and Amending Bylaw 4494-2016

The Heritage Advisory Board was established by council for the purpose of advising on the identification, evaluation, designation, preservation, restoration, planning, financing and development of the heritage of the Town of High River.

For more information please review governing Bylaw 4503-2016 and Amending Bylaw 4494-2016.

The High River & District Recreation Board is established to advise Council in pursuing and implementing Recreation Programs, facilities, parks and public open spaces and services within the corporate limits of the Town of High River, and the High River Recreation District in the M.D. of Foothills, in the Province of Alberta.

For more information please review the governing Bylaw 4047/2003 and Amending Bylaw 4494-2016

The High River Library Board, subject to any enactment that limits its authority, has full management and control of the municipal library and shall, in accordance with the regulations, organize, promote and maintain comprehensive and efficient library services in the municipality and may co-operate with other boards and libraries in the provision of those services.

The High River Library Board is Governed by the Library Act. For more information please review the Library Act.

The High River Mayor’s Economic Development Task Force was established by Council to review and consider the proposed Economic Development Activities as well as all recent economic development reports and documents, economic based analysis and ultimately formulating the direction and recommended model for economic development.

The Policing Committee acts as a liaison between Town Council, the RCMP detachment, and the citizens of High River to foster responsible community actions towards the creation of a safe and secure community. The Committee endeavours to do this by encouraging an environment, which allows for public concerns to be addressed by all affected parties.

For more information please review governing Bylaw 4251/2009 and Amending Bylaw 4494-2016

The Municipal Government Act requires the Town to establish a Subdivision and Development Appeal board for the purpose of holding public hearings regarding appeals by persons or agencies regarding decisions of the Subdivision and Development Authority or Development Officer on a subdivision application or development permit.

For more information please review governing Bylaw 3830/95.

SDAB Decision – 2018-07-16-KDF- 309 1 Street S.W. 


Contact Legislative Services

309B Macleod Tr S.W.High River, ABT1V 1Z5
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm403-652-2110

Application Forms

Application forms can also be picked up at the Town Office (309B Macleod Trail S.W., High River, AB T1V 1Z5).

All applications and resumes must be emailed to, faxed to 403-652-2396, or dropped off at the Town Office. For more information please contact Kara at 403-603-3652.