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Open Spaces Master Plan

Network with Nature! Learn about plans to transform High River’s parks, trails and open spaces into places that are accessible, connected, diverse and sustainable.

The 2020 – 2030 Open Space Master Plan has been underway since Fall 2019.

In 2021 we look forward to taking information and feedback gathered so far as we continue to develop this plan.

Master Plan Strategies Information Boards

What we Heard from Youth in High River

In November, 2019 the High River’s Youth Advisory Committee attended a workshop to provide their ideas and priorities for our parks, trails and open spaces. The one hour session was attended by 16 youth aged 14 to 17.

Results and Highlights

Postcards from the future: participants sketched their ‘favourite space in 2030’ on a postcard, describing their ideas on the reverse. Ideas included:

  • Outdoor stages for concerts and festivals, benches with views, natural swimming areas or swimming ponds
  • Swing ropes across the river, climbing wall, playgrounds or play areas, bridges, docks and boating or floating on the river
  • Dense forest, room for wildlife, flower beds, berry bushes and nature paths, maps along the trails or paths
  • Picnic tables, campfire spots, wider paths, more trails, food shack, skating rink and fire pit

Audit of how participants felt about existing parks showed a variety of responses including:

  • Didn’t know about it, indifferent, looks boring, I don’t / won’t go there, frustration about activities, doesn’t look cared for, sad about wasted space
  • Happy, relaxed, tranquil, peaceful, beautiful. calm, excited, looks pretty, lots of nature, my favourite spot, great memories
  • Anxious, concerned about safety, looks dark, confusing layout or confused about purpose, activities

Participants ranked a list of business opportunities that could occur in parks according to where they would spend their money in 2030:

  • Top five included Café in the Park, Outdoor Pool, Winter Rentals, Food Trucks and Outdoor Stage

Participants ranked a list of nature-based recreation opportunities that they would support in 2030:

  • Top five included Hiking, Urban orchard, Berry picking, Tubing or rafting, Kayaking
  • The others included Nature photography, bike trails and geocaching
Thank you to everyone for contributing your ideas and suggestions to what our parks, trails and open spaces will look like in the future. Every resident has a voice in this conversation and together we can plan spaces that will increase the quality of life in High River.