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High River River

Annual River Monitoring

Living on the Highwood River means living with the rhythms of each season. To understand the yearly cycle of river monitoring, you need to understand the river. Find out more about the Town's annual river monitoring here.

See below (accordion) for weekly updates:

Annual River Monitoring

Local river monitoring and observations are based on science and experience. We use data provided by experts - and based on this, the Town calls the shots to determine when action is required to protect our residents.

The town of High River monitors the river continuously. During peak hazard season, LED river monitoring signs are placed at high traffic areas in Town to keep everyone informed.

Town staff monitor data specific to the Bow River Basin (Highwood River). Data includes real-time information about the snowpack and snowmelt and is compiled by monitoring stream flow and volume at key monitoring stations. Monitoring information is shared with the community weekly on the website and social media.