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Waste collection

Residential Waste Collection Services

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The Town of High River provides automated waste collection services to single-family homes on a weekly basis. Please set your garbage cart out by 7 am the day of your pick-up.

If your garbage has been missed, please make sure it is placed correctly and contact Town Operations. There is no automated waste collection on statutory holidays. Collection resumes on the next regular business day.

Garbage Collection Carts

Garbage in the collection carts should only consist of regular household waste. The Town will not take items such as oil, chemicals, automotive parts, Christmas trees, furniture, large pieces of wood, metal or construction materials.

There are two residential sizes to choose from:

  • 240 Litre Garbage Collection Cart ($11.16/month)
  • 360 Litre Garbage Collection Cart ($15.53/month)

To order please contact Town Operations. For complete details on pricing and fees please view the Current rate bylaw.

Replacement garbage carts can be picked up at the Town of High River Operations Shop during regular business hours. Any extra, unclaimed carts can also be taken to this location. If you have found your bin, please wash it out and reuse it if possible. Residents will need to pay to replace a lost or missing cart.

Waste Collection Do’s and Don’ts

The Town’s Solid Waste Management (Garbage) Bylaw lists resident responsibilities to make waste collection efficient, timely and safe. Please read this summary to learn how you can help.

In order to prevent loose waste from falling on the ground, road, grass or other areas please ensure that any waste that is to be collected is bagged. The Town reserves the right to withhold collection of improperly prepared waste, prohibited waste, excessive quantities of waste, or waste located at unsafe or non-compliant set-out locations.

Please do:

  • Make sure that there is a 5 cm space between waste and the top of the Receptacle
  • Ensure waste receptacles/collection carts are placed at collection points no later than 7 am on the scheduled collection day

Please do not:

  • Place waste anywhere other than in the waste receptacles (container, cart)
  • Over-fill the waste container or collection cart
  • Place waste receptacles in locations that are: unsafe, obstructed, blocked by snow, ice, poorly maintained, and uneven
  • Set out waste receptacles/collection carts before 7 pm the evening of the day prior to collection

Disposal of Dangerous Items

The Town will not remove any of the following during waste collection:

  • Highly combustible or explosive materials including but not limited to liquid or solid fuels, gunpowder, ammunition or explosives
  • Hot ashes which are not properly quenched and appear to be hot or likely to cause a fire
  • Compressed propane or butane cylinders
  • Toxic or household hazardous waste including solvents, oven cleaners, paints, automotive fluids, wet cell batteries, pesticides, herbicides, or any material commonly referred to as household, commercial, or industrial hazardous waste
  • Biomedical waste including hypodermic needles or syringes, lancets or any sharp item used in home medical care
  • Large bulky items such as mattresses, box springs, dressers, tables, chairs, major appliances, auto and truck parts, tires, tree limbs, whole shrubs, or discarded heavy machinery
  • Sheet iron, large pieces of scrap metal or machine parts
  • Electronic equipment including televisions, computers, computer monitors, keyboards, and associated cables
  • Renovation, construction or demolition material
  • Stumps, concrete blocks or slabs, soil, rocks or aggregate
  • Dead animals and animal parts from hunting or trapping
  • Transient waste
  • Septic tank pumping, raw sewage, or industrial sludge
  • Radioactive waste
  • Waste material which has not been placed for collection in accordance with the provision of this bylaw
  • Liquid waste or material that has attained a fluid consistency and has not been drained

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