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HIGH RIVER, AB – High River Town Council has approved a Strategic Priorities Chart at their regular meeting of Council on February 10, 2020, identifying their top priorities for the coming 12 – 18 months. In addition, Council adopted three new governance policies that will assist Council and Administration as they work together to achieve these priorities.

“During the first week of January, our new CAO Chris Prosser brought Council and the Town’s Senior Leadership Team together for a very intensive review of major projects and our day to day work, resulting in this new approach to decision making and our top five priorities,” notes Mayor Craig Snodgrass. “This approach will benefit the Town’s residents and businesses as it ensures that Council and Administration focus decisions, resources and efforts on accomplishing our top five priorities, working as a team. An additional six priorities are in the wings, waiting to move into the top five as each major priority is completed.”

The Top Five Priorities identified by Council were chosen from a list of 104, that were brought forward by Council:

1. Southwest Berm
2. Long Term Water Strategy
3. New Pool Business Case Development
4. Pedestrian Bridge Study
5. Community Economic Development

“Clarifying the top 5 priorities does not mean that ongoing projects and responsibilities are forgotten. This keeps Council and administration’s energy focused on today’s current priorities that need to be seen through to completion,” adds Mayor Snodgrass. “Things are off to a great start, with the recent Alberta Environment & Parks announcement approving the Town to proceed with completion of the Southwest Berm. Throughout the coming year, we will have follow-up meetings to discuss the priorities and new strategy, and ensure we remain on track.”

Three new governance policies adopted by Council will clarify Council and Administration roles and responsibilities, provide clear guidelines for future decision making and emphasize key success factors that will ensure a positive focus on our shared goals and visions for the Town of High River.

The Strategic Priorities and governance policies can be viewed on the Town’s website as part of the agenda package for the February 10, 2020 meeting of Council.

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Craig Snodgrass
Mayor – Town of High River
Ph: 403.652.2110
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