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Covid Public Health Emergency

COVID-19 Information

The Town of High River is responsible to support and implement mandatory provincial orders to curb the spread of COVID-19. The Town values our customers and community. Your health and safety are our top priority.

To view updated Alberta Health Services' Guidance documents and Public Health Orders: Click Here

Restriction Exemption (REP) Program in Effect
at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Centre

Please note the Town is responsible to implement the QR Code proof of vaccination requirements implemented across the Province. More information is available HERE.

Read the most current REP requirements:
Requirements for the REP (Alberta Government, November 16, 2021)

QR Code steps:

  • Alberta's vaccine record with QR Code (paper or digital) is now the only valid Alberta-issued proof of vaccination accepted by operators participating in REP.
  • Click HERE to obtain your vaccine record
  • Save the QR Code on your mobile device (somewhere easy to access, such as your home page)
  • When arriving, present your QR Code for scanning on your mobile device
  • The app will display a green checkmark and the person's legal name and date of birth (if the app is valid)
  • Photo ID is required to verify the app with your name and birth date.
  • The app does not access or store any other personal information so will have to presented at every visit.
  • Internet connection is not required to scan codes.

September 24, 2021

Restrictions Exemption Program Implemented at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Centre:
September 23 Media Release (link)

On September 24 the REP Program will enable the BSRC to return to full capacity. The following Alberta Health Services (AHS) health and safety protocols will be in place. The full AHS Public Health Order can be reviewed here: AHS Order 43-2021. If you do not meet the requirements listed below, please contact our Parks and Recreation staff about a refund: 403-652-4042 or email

1. Masking and distancing requirements

  • Face masks must be worn at all times unless engaged in physical activity or by other exception noted in AHS Order 43-2021
  • The Town and its Recreation staff strongly recommend continued physical distancing where possible

2. Entering the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Centre

Following AHS public health orders, the following entry requirements will apply each time you visit the BSRC; the Town will not store any medical records. All documentation must meet AHS standards outlined in AHS Order 42-2021

  • Enter via the East Lobby Entrance only (3rd St SE side of the building)
  • Anyone under the age of 18 participating in a sport is exempt from these requirements.

Spectators aged 12+ are required to meet the AHS defined entry requirements below:

  1. Show proof of vaccination – OR –
  2. Show an original Medical Exemption letter from an authorized health professional – OR –
  3. If participants do not have proof of vaccination, you may show proof of a negative privately paid test result from a sample taken within the prior 72 hours

3. User Groups accessing BSRC

  • All user groups are required to participate in the REP program
  • All user groups must have a written REP plan in place
  • User groups will be required to ensure entry requirements of their participants meet the above standards (noted in #2, above).
  • User groups will need to confirm all AHS requirements have been met
  • All user group participants must be prepared to provide proof of entry requirements

4. Concession

The Edge Concession will remain open. Please follow The Edge Sports Grill on Facebook for current operating hours.

  • Masks may only be removed at dining tables while consuming food - food may not be taken into the stands. Tables will be placed inside the arena.
  • Order 42-2021 notes a general exception to indoor masking if patrons are seated at a table while consuming food or drink or, while standing at a standing table while consuming food or drink, as long as the person remains at the standing table at all times while consuming the food or drink.)

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. During this Public Health Emergency, we encourage everyone to work together and show kindness to fellow residents while making use of this shared recreation facility.