Demolition Permits

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Demolition Permit / Moving a Building Off Site

A permit is required to demolish or move a building from a site and must be acquired prior to applying for your new building permit. In addition, a Development Permit may be required for a new build including foundation.

The Demolition Permit process ensures that services have been disconnected prior to demolition and that the site is safe during and after demolition. Interior demolition does not require a demolition permit; however, it does require a Building Permit.

Demolishing a Garage

Any garage that will be demolished and replaced with another garage, does not require a Demolition Permit unless it is separately serviced (not from the house).

Demolishing or removing a detached garage with separate services (is fed from the house or has no services) does require a Demolition Permit.

Service Disconnection

Prior to applying for a demolition or moving permit, you are required to contact each utility company (electrical, water and sewer, and natural gas) for disconnection & have the Service Disconnection Request form signed by all applicable utilities. Please note that marking posts for water and sewer connections are required.

Moving a Building

Moving a building requires a Moving a Building off-site application. If you are moving a house and it will be relocated within the Town limits, you will also require a Building Permit for the new location and may require a Development Permit. The building mover is required to obtain a permit from Alberta Transportation when moving a building into or out of Town.

Property Assessment & Taxes

Removing or demolishing a building affects the property assessment and; therefore, affects property taxes. If the building being demolished or removed from the site will not be replaced, notify the Assessment Department at or phone 403-652-2110 to have your property assessment adjusted accordingly.