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If your group would like the Mayor and/or a member of Council to attend a public event (e.g., conferences, anniversary celebrations, charitable or cultural events), please use our online form below to send your request to the Town.

Due to the large number of invitations sent to the Mayor and Councillors, the Town requires that invitation requests are sent at least three weeks in advance of your event.

Once the invitation is received, the Town will contact event organizers to confirm the availability of the Mayor or Councillors. Please indicate on the online form if the invitation should be sent to the Mayor, or another member of Town Council.

To send additional program documents or event itinerary to the Town, please email legislativeservices@highriver.ca

First Name* Last Name* Phone Number* Email* Name of Event* Organization Name Event Website Does the Town of High River sponsor this event?
Please indicate who this invite should be directed to
Event Location* Number of people expected to attend Event Date* Alternate dates Event start and end time * What is the purpose of the event?* What is the benefit to High River?* Does the event require a member of council to speak? If you answered yes to the above, what time? If you answered yes to the above, how long? Please describe speaking topic details Is there a Q & A Session? Is there a PowerPoint? Are there additional speakers scheduled, and if so, please tell us about them Who will be introducing the speakers? What does the Mayor or Council representative need to do to prepare for the event? Where is the best place to park?* Time of arrival* Dress code* What entrance is to be used?* Who will greet the Mayor/Council when they arrive?* If the media is attending, please indicate which outlets will be present Who else will be present that we should know about? Are there any special achievements that need to be acknowledged?