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Percussiano3 | A sound feast of piano and percussion

Elizabeth & Marcel Bergmann, piano duo

Rod Thomas Squance, percussion

Witness the wizardry of two hands on percussion, four on piano in a dazzling display combining innovative ideas and classical music mastery with motifs ranging from Bach to Brubeck and Schubert to Piazzola.

When Rod Thomas Squance first met Elizabeth and Marcel Bergmann at the Banff Centre for the Performing Arts over 20 years ago, the chemistry was immediate. Since that time, the three have collaborated on a variety of musical projects ranging from standard classical to contemporary chamber music to jazz to a children's opera production.

This is your chance to experience their electrifying energy in what is described as a pageant for the eye and the ear.

Presented by High River Gift of Music.

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Contact Information

  • Contact Name: Leslie Lyne
  • Contact Phone: 403-601-5380
  • Contact Email:
  • Event Cost: Adults/Seniors: $30 | Students 18 & under: $10

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