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The Prairie Gardeners Q&A at the Sheppard Family Park Gardens

Join lifelong gardeners and co-authors of the Guides for the Prairie Gardener, Janet Melrose and Sheryl Normandeau, as they launch two new books in their budding series: on Grasses and on Herbs.

On the topic of grass, the authors will cover what exactly defines grass and then move onto the topics of clumpers vs spreaders, mulching and fertilizers, and how to tackle pesty problems like chinch bugs and fairy rings. And for you food gardeners, they will also tackle that pesky problem of wilted supermarket herbs by providing you with a guide to growing your own. Beginning with the where (containers, raised beds, spirals, and more), the pair will then provide guidance on choosing healthy plants, how to nurture herb seedlings, soil needs, watering, and so much more!

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