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Fun facts about the Town of High River’s recycling program

The Town of High River’s Recycling program is a diverse and dynamic service provided to the residents of High River. The Recycling Centre, located at 640 7 Street N.W. collects cardboard, mixed paper, small batteries, cell phones, tin cans, metal, hard plastics, soft plastics, newspapers/inserts and some electronics.

The Town is also currently running a one-year Styrofoam recycling pilot program for any packing material with a recycling symbol number 6 on it, although no Styrofoam food packaging is accepted at this time.

There are also bins for leaves and grass and another for branches which are hauled to the Foothills Landfill on behalf of residents and paid for by the Town.

Did you know that 230.44 Tonnes of mixed paper, newspaper, corrugated containers, tin, mixed plastic and soft plastic was kept out of the landfills through the Town’s recycling program from July-December 2018?

The Town would like to increase collaboration with residents to improve the sorting and placing of recyclables at the Recycling Centre. Correct sorting and placing will save tax payer money, staff and customer time and reduce the risk of having loads rejected due to contamination. Contamination is caused when recycling loads contain improperly placed items, garbage, or unwashed items. When loads are contaminated, the Town must pay for additional trucking and manpower only to see the products taken to the landfill.

Recently, some changes have been made to the plastics and cardboard/boxboard recycling bins to better meet the needs of our sorting facilities and better align with industry standards.

Soft plastics are now sorted separately from hard plastics and boxboard (heavy weight paper used for cereal boxes etc.) goes into the Mixed Paper bin. Going forward, the Town will be implementing more signage and a public information campaign to educate residents on how they can pre-sort and drop off their cleaned recyclables in the correct areas.  This will help save resources and make sure that more items are being recycled and less waste is being sent to the landfill.

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