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All plumbing, gas and electrical inspections are to be scheduled with the Town of High River Safety Codes Department by:

Calling 403-603-3412 or emailing

Please note: We are no longer accepting permit applications via fax. Please save the below documents to your device, fill them out and email to for processing.


Applying for Gas, Plumbing & Electrical Permits:

All permits must be acquired prior to undertaking any work, and failure to do so may result in an additional fee being assessed. Applicants should also be advised that in cases where the project involves a building permit, the building permit must be acquired before a plumbing, electrical or gas permit will be released.

Electrical Permits are NOT required for:

  • replacing of the receptacles only

Electrical Permits ARE required for:

  • replacing of any wiring and outlets
  • replacing of the electrical panel board and/or circuit breakers
  • Please notify for an inspection for the electrical rough in before the walls are covered or when the electrical panel replacement is completed.

Gas Permits are NOT required for:

  • replacing of a gas fired appliance if the new appliance is identical to the one that it replaces
  • the replacement of a dryer, range, water heater or space heating appliance if
    (i) it is located in a single family residential dwelling, and
    (ii) no design change is required to any gas piping or venting system;

Gas Permits ARE required for:

  • any upgrades, installations, alterations or change of type, etc. of the appliance and associated equipment