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Development in every municipality in the Province of Alberta is guided by a Land Use Bylaw.  Each Land Use Bylaw in every town and city is different as it is guided by the community’s Municipal Development Plan.  In the Town of High River this is referenced as the Town Plan.

An elected Council adopts their own Land Use Bylaw within the requirements of the Municipal Government Act.

The new Town of High River Land Use Bylaw was adopted in April 2017.  It divides the Town into 6 districts that guide Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Institutional development.

The new Town of High River Land Use Bylaw is one of a kind.  The premise behind the new bylaw is to be development friendly, and to make the review and approval process efficient, transparent, and straightforward.

The Town of High River Land Use Bylaw and Land Use Map can only be amended by Council.

Should your development proposal not fit in the Land Use District then a Land Use Bylaw amendment can be applied for.  Please contact Planning and Development Services Division staff to arrange a pre-application meeting.

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A pre-application meeting gives a chance for the applicant and Town staff to sit down and discuss the details of the proposed subdivision. It is an opportunity to identify concerns and answer questions early in the process and can save time and cost. The applicant is asked to bring all of the available information that they have to the meeting to give planning staff a clear picture of their proposed subdivision. Planning staff will clearly outline the processes, identify any issues or concerns and provide you with the application forms and fees associated with your proposed subdivision.

To book your pre-application meeting, please contact planning staff at 403-652-2110 or

Once applicants have compiled the materials identified as required during the pre-application meeting, they must arrange an Application Completeness Meeting with Planning staff in order to ensure their application package is ready for submission.


All proposed amendments to the Town of High River Land Use Bylaw must be approved by Council.  An amendment flow chart will be provided to you at the Pre-Application meeting outlining the process and our Planning staff will walk through the requirements step by step.  Timelines vary depending on Council meeting schedules.  A minimum of three (3) Council meetings are required to render a decision, these meetings consist of a First Reading, Public Hearing, and Second and Third Reading.

Amendments on average take from 2 to 6 months.

An Application Completeness meeting is intended to give the applicant and Town staff the opportunity to review all materials compiled into the Application package for submission, and ensure that all required forms, fees and back-up materials which have been identified during the Pre-Application Meeting are included. Therefore, it is essential that applicants arrange and attend a Pre-Application Meeting prior to requesting an Application Completeness meeting.

Please note that an incomplete application will not be accepted.

To book your Application Completeness meeting, please contact our Planning Staff at:

Phone: (403) 652-2110