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Updated: Dec. 22, 2017

Green space on former landfill site reopens to public with limited use 

Remediation work on a green space in the northwest part of town is complete for the season and parts of the area have been reopened to the public.

The future park sits atop an old inactive municipal landfill and is located on the north side of 2 Avenue S.E. between 5 Street and Hamptons Boulevard/Sunshine Trail.

This is an exciting addition to the Town’s beautiful parks, green spaces and natural areas. In 2018 the Town will be asking residents to help name the future park in an upcoming contest. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.

The landfill operated between 1928 and 1979 and was capped by the provincial government in 1982. In 2013 the area experienced damage to the landscaping, parking lot and landfill cap itself. To maximize urban greenspace, the Town of High River and its partners installed an innovative “water-balance cover” to repair this damage. The cover uses indigenous plants, grasses and soils to keep water out of the capped landfill and provides a beautiful, wide open space for residents to enjoy.

It is expected to take several years for newly planted areas to establish. For now residents are asked to please only walk on the gravel pathways to help the developing landscape grow. Access is currently limited to pedestrians but will also include a parking area for vehicles once the site is fully vegetated in 2019.