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The Town’s Parks and Recreation Division are responsible for maintaining approximately 700 Acres (or 283 Hectares) within High River.  Below is a detailed description of the maintenance standards for each area that Town Park’s staff cares for year-round.

High profile parks and green spaces

Around 13 per cent of the green spaces within High River are considered high profile parks/green spaces and include George Lane Memorial Park, the Cemetery, Rotary Park, and the Library to name a few.  These spaces are mowed up to two times per week and crews will also do litter control and weeding on a frequent basis.  The turf is usually fertilized and aerated annually.   Cosmetic weeds such as dandelions are typically controlled when they reach lower thresholds than other areas of town.

Some of these high profile areas contain irrigation that is also maintained by the Town.  In an effort to sustain growth, the Town has very few irrigated sites and conserves water whenever possible.  All plant material grown in our region can withstand the ever changing Alberta climate, even in periods of drought.

Sports fields and Baseball diamonds

These areas are also mowed and groomed one to two times per week, aerated and fertilized annually, and have weed and Richardson Ground Squirrel control measures in place.

Storm ponds, ditches, entrances and playgrounds

Other areas that the Parks Division looks after within High River include storm ponds, ditches, entrances, playgrounds and other similar areas. These lands are mowed, and where applicable, have mulch beds weeded, graffiti removed and have litter control measures in place.  Very few are irrigated and fertilized and aeration occurs as necessary.

Floral displays

Many Town parks and green spaces contain floral displays.  During the growing season, there are nearly 100 ground planters and 65 hanging planters that Parks crews water, fertilize and maintain.

Once the flowers are no longer in season, the downtown core has fall/winter displays put into place.  Christmas lights are also installed by the Parks and Recreation Division in a number of parks over the winter months.

Fences, benches, pergolas, gazebos, sports equipment and signs

The Parks Division is also responsible for these amenities.  Painting, repairs, graffiti removal and maintenance are done on an ongoing basis to all of these structures.  There are also a number of playgrounds that are maintained on an ongoing basis.

These sites are inspected weekly by certified personnel from April to August and monthly from September to March.  Repairs are ongoing and an annual audit is also performed as per recommendations from the Canadian Playground Safety Institute.

Skateboard Park, Fitness Park and off leash Dog Park

These parks are inspected weekly and maintained as required during periods of high use.

Integrated Pest Management system (IPM)

IPM is a decision making model used to prevent and manage pest problems and promotes the use of various practices to manage infestations.  The Town is responsible for following the Alberta Weed Control Act that identifies and categorizes noxious weeds that must be controlled and prohibited noxious weeds that must be destroyed.

The Agricultural Pests Act and Regulations empowers municipalities to appoint inspectors to carry out the requirements of the Act and regulations.  The Town of High River has a Municipal weed Inspector as appointed by Council and enforcement is carried out through the Towns’ municipal bylaw services.

Urban forest

The Towns’ Urban forest is very vast and diverse from small canopy to large cottonwoods.  The Town is committed to maintaining and managing the quality of trees within High River.

The Town’s primary concerns are the impact of private development, construction, and general public use on the quality and quantity of trees on Town property, and the overall impact any reduction in the number of trees within High River will have on the health and wellbeing of the Town’s citizens. There is currently a 1:1 replacement program in place.

Naturalized areas

The Town has weed control measures in place in naturalized areas such as the river valley, dike slopes, storm ponds buffers, etc. These areas are monitored and weeds are mapped and controlled.  Litter is removed from these areas on an ongoing basis.

Parks and Recreation put people first and improve the quality of life in our community by fostering active healthy living and wellness.  Parks contributes to this vision by providing solid maintenance practices for Parks and Greenspaces so that all visitors and residents can enjoy.