What makes a town great? Well, it starts with a great brand

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Submitted by the Economic Development Department and Anstice Communications

The Town of High River will be holding a branding public engagement session in the coming weeks. The purpose will be to discuss a revitalized brand to help tell High River’s story and attract new residents, investors and tourists to our amazing town. We will be looking for input from the public to help shape this strategy as the Town continues to move forward. Once details on the public engagement event are finalized, information will be shared on the Town of High River website, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

It’s no surprise that branding is everywhere, from the clothes we wear to the coffee we drink, we are constantly exposed to brands. A strong brand has long since been recognized as a fundamental component to achieving success. But the concept of branding is always evolving; it no longer just applies to a product or service but can be applied to an idea, a place, or even yourself.

Town branding is becoming increasingly important for a reason – it communicates a town’s story in a creative and compelling way, while reaching the right audience. When done correctly, a brand campaign not only serves to revitalize a town and attract tourists, new residents and investors, but also helps boost civic pride among current residents and improve its overall reputation.

One of the most widely-recognized town or city branding campaigns is the “I (Heart) New York” campaign from the 1970s, which drew people from across the globe to NYC. More recently, Barcelona launched a campaign to rebrand itself as a city of innovation and talent, attracting the attention of entrepreneurs and investors.

An effective brand should capture the town’s heartbeat – in other words, it shouldn’t try to be a New York or a Paris but rather capitalize on the defining features that sets it apart. This can be anything from a local attraction like a well-loved restaurant or shop to an annual event or celebration to that indescribable feeling you get once you set foot inside a town’s borders. When it comes to town branding, there are no limitations or exceptions as long as everyone shares the same vision.

Regardless of where a town or city is located, how big it is, or what it has to offer, a branding campaign presents a huge opportunity for them, known widely or not, to put themselves on the map and to be recognized for the right reasons.

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