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Town Council was sworn into office on Monday, Oct. 23, 2017 at their inaugural Organizational Meeting. Mayor and Council will serve a four-year term ending in October 2021.

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All photos courtesy of Doug Mitchell

Town of High River Council

Back Row (L-R): Councillor Jamie Kinghorn, Councillor Bruce Masterman, Councillor Don Moore and Councillor Michael Nychyk

Front Row (L-R): Councillor Cathy Couey, Mayor Craig Snodgrass and Councillor Carol MacMillan

Mayor Craig Snodgrass – 

Mayor Snodgrass is currently in his second term as Mayor on High River Council. Born and raised in High River, Mayor Snodgrass has deep roots in the community. Not only is he a lifelong resident, but he is also the owner of a local business.

After first being elected Mayor in 2013, Snodgrass has worked with his fellow councillors, Town staff, residents and businesses to build a community where innovation is encouraged and where individuals can dare to think outside the box.

Prior to joining Town Council, Mayor Snodgrass volunteered with the Highwood Golf and Country Club as well as the Highwood Curling Club.

Mayor Snodgrass attended Senator Riley High School in High River before attending SAIT for Electronics Engineering. He has built a career in funeral services and is the owner of Lyle Reeves Funerals Inc.

When asked why he ran for Council and why he chose High River, Craig stated:

“My home, family and business is here, this town fits for our family, it’s that simple.”

Mayor Snodgrass also enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing and time spent with his family.

Councillor Cathy Couey –

Councillor Couey is currently in her second term on High River Council and is an active and engaged member of the community.

Prior to joining Town Council, Councillor Couey had been involved in a variety of local groups including the High River Minor and Junior Lacrosse, Meals on Wheels, the High River Homecoming Committees and the Little Britches Organizing Committee.

Councillor Couey is a fourth generation High River resident and has lived in town since 1986 and attended Senator Riley High School. She also has a diploma in Public Relations from Mount Royal College.

When asked why she ran for Council and why she chose High River, Cathy stated:

“In 2013 I felt compelled to contribute to our community’s recovery. In that first term I was proud to have been a part of the team who has rebuilt a healthy, happy and safe community.  Going forward, I want to continue to build a strong, thriving and vibrant community and to have a role in the vision for the future of High River.”

“The main reason that I call High River Home is the people. We are a community rich in passionate, dedicated, determined, innovative and friendly citizens who have built High River into the community it is today. Who continue to take our community into what I see as an incredibly positive future. I am proud to call High River home, it offers me and my family the ideal place to live, work and play.”

Councillor Couey also states that family and friends are very important to her and she counts herself as fortunate to be able to spend time with them, whether it’s for supper, walking her two dogs, hiking, camping, golfing, biking or helping with her family’s auction business.

Councillor Jamie Kinghorn –

Councillor Kinghorn was elected to a four year term in October 2017 and served a previous term on Town Council from 2010-2013.

Prior to joining Town Council, Councillor Kinghorn volunteered on many local boards and committees including the Museum of the Highwood, Family and Community Support Services, Recreation Board, High River Regional Airport Board, and is the Chairperson for the High River International Balloon Festival Events Committee.

When asked why he ran for Council and why he chose High River, Jamie stated:

“I have a deep passion for our town and its residents. I’ve been attending Council meetings since 2009 because I was interested in the process and how and why the decisions about our community were being made. In 2010, I was successful in being elected and served the term on a very productive Council. After being on the sidelines for the previous Council term, I am very excited and honoured to be part of the team moving High River forward.”

“The lure of High River is the community members, their strength and passion for our Town.”

Councillor Kinghorn has also been a hot air balloon pilot for over 30 years and enjoys restoring classic muscle cars when he’s not flying.

Councillor Carol MacMillan –

Councillor MacMillan is new to Town Council, elected in Oct. 2017 to a four year term.

Prior to joining Town Council, Councillor MacMillan and her husband moved to High River from Calgary in 2002, seeking a wonderful community to raise her two sons. High River enabled her to be actively engaged in the community and this improved her quality of life through use of the great trails, schools, people, and local library.

Councillor MacMillan is an RN and attended Mount Royal College; she also attended SAIT for Land Admin. She is also certified in Yin Yoga and has completed numerous professional development courses in the human services and health sectors.

When asked why she ran for Council and why she chose High River, Carol stated:

“I am very passionate about High River’s vison of being a people first community, and that solidified my decision which I had considered for a few years.”

“I have been an executive board member for the High River Tigers Swim Club, High River Tennis Club, High River Toastmasters, as well as an active member of a variety of committees including the Health and Wellness Challenge, Literacy events, Culture events and other human service areas.”

Councillor MacMillan also loves being outside and engaging in a variety of activities including walking, running, tennis, and being involved in the community. She also thrives with quiet activities including yoga, reading, writing and cooking.

Councillor Bruce Masterman

Councillor Masterman is currently in his second term on High River Council and has been a resident since 1979.

Prior to joining Town Council, Councillor Masterman volunteered on the original High River Green Space Committee. He is also a member and volunteer of the Rotary Club of High River and the High River United Church. He also is one of the coordinators for the community piano project in Downtown High River.

Councillor Masterman completed his early schooling in Winnipeg and then went on to study Creative Communications at Red River College. He is also currently an instructor in the Journalism program at SAIT.

When asked why he ran for Council and why he chose High River, Bruce stated:

“I worked hard as part of the 2013-2017 Town Council to help High River recover from the flood. Now I’m committed to working hard to ensure a bright and sustainable future for our town.”

“We chose to live here because of the Highwood River, George Lane Park and other natural areas, and the Hitchin’ Post, in that order. We chose to stay here – and raise our two daughters here – for those reasons and many more, including the great people.”

Councillor Masterman also enjoys fly-fishing, hiking, camping, snow-shoeing, hunting, watching wildlife and generally enjoying nature. He also writes non-fiction stories.

Councillor Don Moore –

Councillor Moore is currently in his fourth term on Town Council; he was first elected to Council in 2007 and has been a resident and business owner in High River for over 20 years.

Prior to joining Town Council, Councillor Moore volunteered on many community boards and committees and was Chairman of Communities in Bloom from 2005 – 2007.

Councillor Moore has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Calgary and is a graduate of the Elected Officials Education Program (EDEP).  He also served on Student Council and the Board of Governors at the University of Calgary and was also previously a municipal Councillor for the Town of Didsbury.

When asked why he ran for Council and why he chose High River, Don stated:

“I wanted to use my education and experience to help make High River an even better place to live, work and play.”

“High River is a beautiful and appealing place. It appeared to be a good place for business also (and I was right, as I have run a very successful art and framing business for 20 years).”

Councillor Moore enjoys being in the outdoors, cycling, walking, gardening and bird watching. He is also interested in drawing, painting and dealing in artworks.

Councillor Michael Nychyk –

Councillor Nychyk served for one year on Town Council after winning the by-election in 2016; he was re-elected in Oct. 2017 to a four year term.

Prior to joining Town Council, Councillor Nychyk volunteered as Chair of the Mayor’s task force for Economic Development and was a member of the Planning and Renewal Advisory Committee.

Councillor Nychyk attended the University of Saskatchewan and Harvard University and has been the General Manager of Highwood Distillers since 2007.

When asked why he ran for Council and why he chose High River, Michael stated:

“I ran for Council to give back to High River by serving its citizens. The town’s future success is very important to me and I will continue the work towards a vibrant, healthy, prosperous and engaged community.”

“I chose High River because of the beautiful river landscape, the people that live here, and the close proximity to the mountains and Calgary.”

Councillor Nychyk is a husband, dog owner and a father of two young boys who enjoy an active lifestyle. During the winter months he and his family enjoy skiing, playing indoor soccer and walking their dog. In the summer, soccer remains a big commitment with biking, longboarding, play time with the dog and trips to the mountains keeping him busy.