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Filming in Town: Traffic Impacts

September 14, 2020

HIGH RIVER, AB: Filming is taking place in the Town of High River from Monday, September 14 to Friday, September 25. The nature of the filming will include graphic post-violent content as well as actors with prop weaponry on site. Periodically, there will be loud noises including simulated gunfire. Local authorities, affected businesses and residents have been notified in writing.

Residents can expect to encounter the following throughout the two-week period:

  • Road closures or traffic control specifically in the downtown core
  • Restricted vehicle and pedestrian access to George Lane Park on September 16th (campers will still be able to go to and from the campground)
  • Increased noise in residential areas when filming is underway

Thank you for your cooperation and support as this filming takes place. High River prides itself on being a film-friendly community and a desired location for production.

For maps and details on which streets will be impacted and when during the two-week period, visit the Traffic Controls for Filming section of the website.


For more information please contact:

Janelle Kennedy
Community Development Coach

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