Good Neighbour Bylaw Public Hearing October 13 – Bylaw 4579/2020

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Good Neighbour Bylaw Public Hearing October 13 – Bylaw 4579/2020

October 6, 2020

The proposed Good Neighbour Bylaw will go to Public Hearing on Tuesday, October 13. This new bylaw is an amalgamation and updating of the Noise Bylaw, Unsightly Premises Bylaw and Snow Removal Bylaw. It also includes new regulations for littering and graffiti which were not covered in any previous bylaws.

Over the past three years, Protective Services has been reviewing and updating several bylaws including the Traffic and Animal Bylaws. The Good Neighbour Bylaw is the third to go before Council. As part of the process, administration reviewed similar bylaws in neighbouring communities, current provincial legislation, and community engagement feedback.

“Most residents in High River are already good neighbours,” said Protective Services Manager Peter Genereux. “This updated bylaw is more about setting expectations than mandating enforcement.”

Some of the updates included in the proposed bylaw:

  • Noise. Quiet time will be standardized across all Land Use zones and will be in effect from 10pm to 7am, Monday through Sunday including holidays. The Noise regulations and hours will not apply to work by Town staff and/or contractors, emergency work, snow removal and approved special events.
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal. Snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after a storm. It should be stored on residents’ property and not dumped on the road. Residents may store snow and ice on a boulevard as long as it doesn’t pose a safety hazard for drivers or pedestrians.
  • Unsightly Properties. Lawn or groundcover must be well maintained and not overgrown. Residents may not store vehicles or vehicle parts which are wrecked or non-operational on their property.
  • Litter & Flyers. Prohibits littering and placing of flyers on public and private property, including vehicles.
  • Graffiti Abatement. Graffiti has been included under the definition of Nuisance. Emphasis will be on education as the first approach to dealing with graffiti. If necessary, clean up costs incurred by the Town may be charged back to the property owner.

For more information, view the proposed Good Neighbour Bylaw. If anyone would like to appear before Council at the Public Hearing, they should register with Legislative Services. Written comments will also be welcomed, visit the Council Meetings webpage for more information.


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