Annual Pedestrian Improvement Project Begins – Pathway Closures

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Annual Pedestrian Improvement Project Begins – Pathway Closures

HIGH RIVER, AB:  The Town’s annual pedestrian improvement project is underway from now to October 17, with a focus on upgrades and replacement of pathway surfaces in multiple locations to benefit residents and pathway users. The project will require the closure of some pathways as well as areas of no parking. Watch the Town website for updates  as work site schedules are subject to change. Timely information will also be shared on the Town’s Twitter page you do not need to have a Twitter account to see the Town’s updates.
During the closure, please find an alternate walking route. Please obey signs and barricades in place for your safety and the safety of workers.
Work will occur from now to October 17 in the locations listed below. 

* Note that the numbering below does not mean sites are being completed in this order. Where possible, signs will be in place when work is occurring. Thank you for your patience as these projects are being completed!

  • Site # 1, North section of Highwood Lake
  • Site # 2, South of High Country Drive NW between 7th Street NW and High View Gate
  • Site # 3, Lineham Acres
  • Site # 4, West side of Little Bow between 6th Avenue SE and 8th Avenue SE : CLICK for MAP
  • Site # 6, 5th Street SE between 4th Avenue SE and 8th Avenue SE
  • Site # 7, 9th Street SE to Emerson Lake – new pathway
  • Site # 8, Bench pads in George Lane Park
  • Site # 9, Museum of the Highwood – wheelchair ramp
  • Site # 10, Drainage repair work on 4th Street SE between 5th Avenue SE and 6th Avenue SE
  • Site # 12, Pathway stairs near 7th Street SW – stairs will be closed – CLICK FOR MAP
Landscaping remediation will be done at the sites once construction is completed.
For more information please contact:
Town of High River
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