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Listing and Publishing of Planning Documents

As of January 1, 2019, Section 638.2 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires municipalities to publish and maintain a complete list of documents that may be relied upon for decision-making by a development authority, subdivision authority, subdivision and appeal board, or the Municipal Government Board (MGB), when it comes to rendering decisions on planning and development matters.

Municipalities must also summarize how the documents relate to each other and the Town’s statutory plans (plans passed by bylaw). Statutory plans include the Town of High River and Foothills County Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP), the Town Plan (including the Growth Management Strategy), Area Structure Plans (ASPs), and Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs).

Municipalities are not required to outline the relationships between statutory plans and bylaws that are created under the authority of Part 17 of the MGA. Where there is a discrepancy between a non-statutory document and a statutory plan, the statutory plan prevails. Further, municipalities are not required to list provincial and federal legislation, which may be applicable to a planning and development matters, such as the Alberta Subdivision and Development Regulation or the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board Regulation.

To meet this MGA requirement, the Town has created two lists of documents:

These documents are referred to by the Town for developing, implementing and updating statutory plans (IDP, Town Plan, ASPs and ARPs) and are often in the form of background studies or reports, such as transportation impact assessments, environmental site assessments, and utility service studies. The list also includes policies and procedures passed by Council, such as the Snow and Ice Control Policy and the Mobile Business Procedure, and any referenced professional standards or best practices that may be used to assess development proposals submitted to the Town under Land Use Bylaw 4510/2017.

These planning documents provide guidance for subdivision and development within specific areas of Town. These documents must align with a statutory Area Structure Plan (ASP) or Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). Some older non-statutory plans do not fall within the plan area of an ASP or ARP. In these cases, staff will look to the Town Plan, and IDP (if applicable), for statutory guidance. In addition, the Town may refer to the documents under list number one.

Searching the name of the document on the Town’s website will bring up the published file. If you cannot find a document listed, please contact, or call the main office at 403-652-2110.