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Planning Services prepares and maintains policy plans to guide the future development of the town. These plans are adopted by Town Council. Some of these plans are statutory, which means they are adopted by bylaw and must be complied with, while others are non-statutory and are used more informally to guide future growth and development. All proposed amendments to statutory or non-statutory plans require a pre-application meeting with Planning staff. Please contact for more information.

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Inter-Municipal Development Plan (Amended 2018)

This plan was jointly adopted by the M.D. of Foothills and the Town of High River and relates to land roughly within one mile of the town boundary as it existed in 2012. The Plan is an expression of mutual interest in the area and sets out generalized land uses and a process for consultation on proposals for lands within the identified area as well as lands in town adjacent to the town’s boundaries.

High River Town Plan (Amended January 28, 2013)

This document consists of two parts. Part one consists of the High River Town Plan(amended January 28, 2013). This is the Town’s “Municipal Development Plan” and prescribes the Town’s long term strategic policies for future development. It sets out future land uses, major infrastructure needs, and municipal services together with policies dealing with the environmental, social, cultural, and economic health of the community.

Part two consists of the Town’s Growth Management Strategy (adopted on September 24, 2012), which provides a comprehensive framework for how the newly annexed lands and undeveloped lands within the town will be developed in the future.

These plans are prepared for large new areas in town, and outline future uses, major infrastructure requirements, including transportation networks, anticipated population densities and phasing of development. Other considerations may be included, depending on the nature of the specific area. The following Area Structure Plans have been adopted:

North West Area Structure Plan (August 1986) – This Plan relates to the north west sector of town, generally located north and west of the Highwood River. It should be noted that this plan was consolidated in 1999 to clearly identify those lands remaining within the NWASP boundaries, as distinct from those properties which were to be encompassed within the Vista Mirage/Highwood Village ASP, which was adopted in 2000.

Hampton Hills Area Structure Plan (Revised May 2018) – This plan relates to an area east of the Little Bow Canal, north of 2nd Avenue SE, and west of 20 Street SE.

South High River Area Structure Plan (May 2006) – This plan relates to an area south of 12 Avenue, east of 72 Street E and west of 10 Street SE.

Spitzee Crossing Area Structure Plan (September 2013, revised October 2016)
This plan relates to approximately 280 ha (690 acres) of land in the north and northwest areas of High River which was annexed as of January 2012.

Vista Mirage-Highwood Village Area Structure Plan (May 2000) – This plan relates to the westerly portion of the area originally encompassed within the Northwest Area Structure Plan.

These plans relate to existing built-up areas of the town and outline changes proposed in the community in terms of land uses, physical improvements and infrastructure upgrades. The following Area Redevelopment Plans have been adopted.

High River Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (February 2015) – The Downtown ARP is a roadmap for future growth over the next 30 years. It includes the physical design, potential uses and programming for the downtown area in the short, medium and long term. It also includes policies that will help the Town, developers, businesses and residents establish the downtown as a welcoming and vibrant place.


These plans may take a variety of forms, including Concept Plans and Neighbourhood Outline Plans. Non-statutory plans and studies are adopted by Council resolution and all amendments must be approved by Council – see process below

Area Concept Plans

These plans look at a smaller area than an Area Structure Plan and can get into more detail. Because the plans are not statutory they can be less prescriptive and can adapt to changing circumstances more easily. The following Area Concept Plans have been adopted:

Neighbourhood Outline Plans

Master Plans, Studies and Reports

Amending Statutory and Non-Statutory Plans

Book a pre-application meeting

A pre-application meeting gives a chance for the applicant and Town staff to sit down and discuss the details of the proposed subdivision. It is an opportunity to identify concerns and answer questions early in the process and can save time and cost. The applicant is asked to bring all of the available information that they have to the meeting to give planning staff a clear picture of their proposed subdivision. Planning staff will clearly outline the processes, identify any issues or concerns and provide you with the application forms and fees associated with your proposed subdivision.

To book your pre-application meeting, please contact planning staff at 403-652-2110 or

Application Completeness Meeting

Once applicants have compiled the materials identified as required during the pre-application meeting, they must arrange an Application Completeness Meeting with Planning staff in order to ensure their application package is ready for submission.

An Application Completeness meeting is intended to give the applicant and Town staff the opportunity to review all materials compiled into the Application package for submission, and ensure that all required forms, fees and back-up materials which have been identified during the Pre-Application Meeting are included. Therefore, it is essential that applicants arrange and attend a Pre-Application Meeting prior to requesting an Application Completeness meeting.

Please note that an incomplete application will not be accepted.

To book your Application Completeness meeting, please contact our Planning Staff at 403-652-2110 or