New Bins at Recycling Centre Will Help Prevent Costly Contamination

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New Bins at Recycling Centre Help Prevent Costly Contamination

Residents will see new bins at the Recycle Centre and notice a few changes to the openings. The recycling industry is always changing to improve ways we recycle. We’d like you to know a few things about the bins:
> These bins are installed by the vendor who provides this service to the Town. These bins were previously used in another municipality.
> The Town has heard from residents that the springs make the doors hard to open. We are making sure these springs will be removed to make them easy to open.
> The slots on the bins are smaller. This prevents garbage bags filled with mixed material from being put into a bin, contaminating an entire load.
> Smaller slots on the cardboard bins will require some folding down of cardboard to be recycled. This allows more cardboard to accumulate in the bin before it is hauled away.
> The Town is working with our vendor to make adjustments over the coming weeks.
We appreciate hearing from residents who make the effort to recycle. The Town is also committed to streamlining the Town’s recycling for better efficiency and cleaner materials in the bins.
It is important to support the contractors whose business is to take our recycled materials away. One bag of unsorted material put into the bin ruins the efforts of everyone who has dropped materials off after sorting them properly and impacts the recycling company’s bottom line.
Thank you for your patience and support as we make ongoing improvements to our Recycle Centre, and thank you for recycling.
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