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Please dispose of Street Sweepings and Yard Waste Properly. 

HIGH RIVER, AB:  Now that warmer weather is on its way everyone is starting to clean up around home. Please be sure to follow the disposal options noted below. Do not put loose gravel and yard waste in your garbage bins. Improper disposal can result in costly damage to waste collection truck compactors.
Disposal options: 
> Yard and garden waste – drop off at the NW recycling yard for disposal.
> Sweepings (sand and loose gravel) – put in a container and drop it off at the NW recycling yard.
To care for Town vehicles, drivers are keeping an eye on garbage bins set out for collection. If drivers see branches sticking out or other signs of loose garden waste or gravel sweeping the bin WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.
Did you know that Town Operations staff recycle road sweepings each year? Clean material is stockpiled for use the following winter. By dropping your sweepings off, you are helping contribute to cost savings for taxpayers!
Street sweeping begins soon! Watch for signs in your neighbourhood in the next few weeks.  Updated street sweeping schedules will be posted on the the Town’s social media channels and on our website:
For more information please contact:
Town of High River Operations
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