Rooted in People campaign showcases High River’s innovative expansion, diversity and resiliency

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HIGH RIVER, AB – May 29, 2017 – The Town of High River is entering a new era of growth and innovation, and it is proud to announce the launch of Rooted in People, a new digital campaign created in partnership with Anstice Communications (Anstice). Rooted in People not only captures the vibrancy of those who call High River home but also the Town’s tenacity to weather difficult times and emerge stronger than ever.

More than $100 million has been invested into flood mitigation to protect residents and businesses, making High River one of the safest communities in Canada. New businesses are opening on a near weekly basis, offering quality products and services to High River’s diverse population, which only continues to grow as people seek welcoming communities to invest and live in. A place for all, High River is an accessible community that offers entrepreneurs zero business tax, innovative health-care facilities—including a $1.4 million upgrade currently underway for the maternity ward within the Town hospital—a revitalized downtown core, quality schools and housing prices that fall well below the national average.

“This is a strong community to invest in, both personally and economically,” said Jodi Dawson, Manager of Economic Development for the Town of High River. “High River’s continued growth is a testament to its vitality, and the breadth of opportunities it offers residents and visitors is constantly evolving. Rooted in People captures a snapshot of these strengths, and we encourage everyone to come and experience High River for themselves.”

Rooted in People shares the stories of High River’s resilient residents while showcasing four distinct strengths of the Town: entrepreneurs, families, adventurers and agriculture. The inaugural instalment of Rooted in People showcases High River’s thriving business community, ranging from new additions such as RE[THINK] Media to longstanding ones like Medivet Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company that has been operating in High River for 37 years.

“The Town of High River is excited to partner with Anstice Communications to tell the compelling stories of the community,” said Mayor Craig Snodgrass. “High River is a multifaceted, growing community with plenty to offer new and existing residents. The Town has survived difficult times to emerge stronger and more united.”

The strength of a community is rooted in the strength of its people, and Anstice Communications saw evidence of High River’s awe-inspiring character time and time again though months of interviews and research. The team wanted to share the stories of High River with a broader audience and partnered with the Town of High River to bring Rooted in People to life through photography and video.

“We felt compelled as an agency to tell the stories of High River in a documentary-style campaign that showcases the fabric of the people in the community and how special they are,” said Megan Rokosh, Strategic Director for Anstice Communications. “We’ve studied hundreds of municipalities and haven’t come across anywhere else that has the same sense of pride and support among its residents. When you’re in High River, you want to stay because you feel like you’re part of something special.”

To learn more about the Town of High River and Rooted in People, please visit The first video in the campaign can be viewed here.

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