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April 11, 2019

The Town of High River began regular pest management procedures to help control and remove pest (weeds, insects/animals, diseases, etc.) that can harm our gardens, parks, green spaces and natural areas.

“We use an integrated pest management approach that includes hand-pulling, mowing, high-pressure water spraying, pruning and, as a last resort, applying a broadleaf pesticide,” says Darlene Donovan, acting parks supervisor with the Town. “Our crews and or contractors, who are licensed, spray very few pesticides in town but will, on occasion, utilize these products as a tool in our toolkit.”

Spraying typically occurs in the early hours of the morning, and is always done within appropriate environmental conditions and in proper locations. Signs are posted in the work areas a minimum of 48 hours in advance of spraying and remain for a minimum of 24 hours.

“We just ask our residents to keep vehicles clear of work area while our crews are spraying,” says Donovan. “And if residents have any questions, they can call us at 403-603-3503.”

Other examples of pest management activities include insect control on trees, Richardson ground squirrel control in specified areas and weed control as required.

“Responsible pest management is important in ensuring that we are not contributing to invasive weed and pest species,” says Donovan. “It’s one of the ways we help protect and conserve our ecosystem and urban environment.”

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