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Southwest Berm Completion

January 2020

The Southwest Berm Completion project received regulatory approval on January 29, 2020. The Town is presently making preparations to begin construction as soon as possible. 12th Avenue is in the process of detailed design.

October 2019 

The project was advertised at the Town Office, and in three newspapers (High River Times, Western Wheel, Nanton News) in July 2019. A total of 15 statements of concern were received from various landowners. The Town has reviewed all of the statements and have responded to them via Alberta Environment.

July 2019 

The Southwest Dike engineering design is complete.

A regulatory application was made on August 1, 2018 to Alberta Environment.

To date the town is awaiting Alberta Environments approval to advertise the project for public review. This step is estimated to be roughly a 3 month process once it is initiated.
Based on the outcome of the public review step, the Town may begin the process of prequalifying contractors to perform the work. This step doesn’t make much sense however until the Town has some clarity on timing.

Once the public review step is completed, and once all if any concerns that have been raised by the public are resolved, a water act approval will be issued. This is very difficult to estimate a timeline for it but once the public review is completed, the Town may have a better idea.

When a water act approval is granted by Alberta Environment, construction will begin shortly thereafter not unless this occurs in the winter.

September 2018

The regulatory application for the SW Dike has been submitted to Alberta Environment. Copies of the updated application can be obtained by request from the Town of High River.

Town and landowner sign agreement to proceed with Southwest Berm Completion

After a Special Meeting of Council on Monday, April 16 it was announced that the Town has come to an agreement with the landowners regarding the land acquisition and construction for the Southwest Dike.

“The Town and the Monteith family are now moving forward together on this project,” says Craig Snodgrass, Mayor of High River. “We are very excited to work together to complete the southwest dike as it is an integral part of the Town’s overall flood mitigation strategy.

The future dike will be constructed just south of 12 Avenue S.W. and the alignment will be the ‘reverse S curve’ style that was proposed by the Town earlier in the design process. {See drawing here}

“Our family is pleased that this important aspect of flood protection for High River can move forward,” says landowner John Monteith. “We look forward to working collaboratively with the Town through its completion and beyond.”

The ‘reverse S curve’ alignment is ideal as it will allow for the mitigation to be away from public view, which would not have been the case for the ‘hockey stick’ alignment that was offered as a second design option.

The Southwest Dike project is estimated to remain within budget and is funded through a project-specific grant from Alberta Environment and Parks.

“With this agreement in place, the expropriation proceedings will now be abandoned,” adds Snodgrass. “This agreement is a win for everyone and now we can move forward with one of the final protection elements for our community.”

Updates on this project will be posted to the major project map at 

The Town of High River is in the design stage of the Southwest Dike that will be located south of 12 Avenue S.W.

On November 2, 2015 the Government of Alberta announced $30 million of funding to go towards completing essential mitigation projects including the Southwest Dike and Fifth Street Dike.

In February of 2016 the Town submitted an application for regulatory approval to the Government of Alberta and is currently awaiting response.

The interim flood mitigation measures along 12 Avenue S.W. will remain in place until a permanent solution has been approved and constructed.