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The Town of High River believes that people build communities and that citizens are critical in contributing to the vitality and high quality of life in our community. The Town of High River is committed to the community’s use of public spaces to initiate, manage and implement community events which increase the beauty and integrity of the community, promote ongoing citizen engagement, enhance community pride and showcase High River as a vital community to live work and play in.

Organizers will be required to submit a Special Events Application Form if one or more of these elements are met:

  • A Public Event or a Private Event held in the Public Realm which impacts or restricts typical public access to the Public Realm;
  • Requires a road closure;
  • Requires the use of a facility outside of it’s intended purpose, or the usage of the facility restricts the public’s usual access to the facility, or the event is held outside of the regular hours of operation for the facility.

The Community Development Coach will be the main point of contact for all Special Event organizers and will help them facilitate the application process. Applications for all Special Events are to be submitted to the Community Development Worker a minimum of;

  • 45 business days prior to the Special Event date for Complex Special Events
  • 10 business days prior to the Special Event date for Simple Special Events

For more information on the Special Event Application Process please view the Special Events Procedure or contact:

Janelle Kennedy
Community Development Coach