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Feasibility study determines possible options for new recreation facilities

From October 2017 to February 2018, the Town’s Parks and Recreation Division worked in partnership with Gibbs Gage Architects to conduct a feasibility study that determined recreation facility development priorities in High River, specifically for the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex (BSRC).

The intent was to identify what is required for facilities, where facilities could be located, and at what cost.

Internal and external stakeholders from various user groups, representatives from the BSRC, Town of High River, and MD Foothills, as well as staff and the public were consulted.

Open houses were held at the BSRC on November 14, 2017 and January 11, 2018 to provide concept options for public review. Using feedback from the attendees of the first open house, the options were finalized into two concepts for final review.

Based on feedback from the community and stakeholders, and a business case analysis, the need and desire for a new aquatics facility was identified.

The conceptual designs presented at the second open house focused on finding an alternative location for the pool, or building near the BSRC.
Concept A presented an option for a new and expanded aquatics facility at the BSRC.Concept B presented the option to relocate the aquatics facility to the Charles Clark Park.

Respondents clearly indicated they preferred that access to the pool remained available during construction, and expressed a clear preference for one-stop shopping of recreational amenities at the BSRC.

According to the study, a new aquatics facility at the BSRC site will cost 23 per cent less to build and 14 per cent less to operate than one at Charles Clark Park. Approximately two thirds of open house participants favoured Concept A.

On February 12, the results of the study were presented to Council. Final analysis indicated that a feasible plan would be to develop a new pool adjacent to the existing BSRC aquatics facility.

The Town’s Parks and Recreation Division will now develop an implementation plan containing suggested steps and requirements for development, including project governance, engagement, the architectural process for a project of this kind, and ideas for options for funding strategies.
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