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Parks and Recreation

We have been producing many great videos for our community. From dance videos to KJ’s Mobility videos for older adults, we have it all. All of these programs are featured in our guide so this is a great opportunity to try out a class that you maybe wanted to take but haven’t had the opportunity.

Dance Your Heart Out with Amber

Jr Chef Program with Amber

Obstacle Courses with Tracy

Mindful Meditation with Tracy

KJ Aquahealing – Older Adult Mobility Exercises

All users of the Town of High River (the “Town”) Parks & Recreation virtual fitness video series acknowledge and agree that the use of the virtual fitness videos is governed by the Informed Consent, Waiver and Indemnity (“the Terms”) that is to be agreed upon before use of the videos, which require, among other things, that all users/participants:

  • Assume all risks and danger of personal injury and all other hazards arising in any way from the use of the virtual fitness videos, irrespective of how that injury occurred or whether the injury was caused by actions or inactions of the employees of the Town
  • Acknowledge and represent that they, the participant, is physically fit to participate in physical activity
  • Agree that the Town and its employees and agents are released from any claims by users arising from the use of the virtual fitness videos
  • Agree to the Terms as agent for children or minors that they accompany for the use of the virtual fitness videos, and indemnify the Town for any injuries suffered by those children or minors arising from the use of the exercise equipment
  • Agree to be solely responsible, and to indemnify the Town, for any injuries or loss caused by them or their children/minors that they accompany for the use of the virtual fitness videos.

Any questions or concerns can be reported to Town staff.

If you have any questions regarding these programs please call Tracy Morgan at 403-603-3501 or Amber Jardine at 403-603-3507.