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Water Treatment & Management

Our dedicated staff plays a crucial role in our town's infrastructure, ensuring the efficient operation of our wastewater systems, which include 12 lift stations and 90 km of pipe leading to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater Treatment

Before reaching High River's central lift station, wastewater travels via a network of 12 neighbourhood lift stations and 90 kilometres of gravity and force mains. From there, the Town's Water Treatment Plant functions as a multi-barrier system, commencing with the introduction of well water to the plant. The treatment process then unfolds as water progresses through charcoal filters, UV treatment, cleaning chemicals, and resting stations. Upon the addition of chlorine, the treated water is directed to the clear well, poised for distribution into the High River system.

Clean Water

Drinking water is tested and monitored in accordance with provincial requirements and accepted industry standards to ensure that the water consistently meets all Health Canada and Government of Alberta regulations.

To Flush? Or Not to Flush?

Misuse of our sewer system damages lift station pumps, leading to costly and time-consuming repairs. Eventually, non-flushable items end up in the lagoon system and affect the water treatment process by adding unwanted volume to the lagoons. This results in significant and costly cleaning processes.

No one wants sewer backs ups! Remember the toilet is not for waste disposal. Flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper will cause plugs in the sanitary system.

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