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Adventure Awaits! Discover authentic, western hospitality in a town where golden prairies meet majestic mountains and the skies go on forever.

You're never a stranger in High River

Once you visit, we guarantee you'll keep coming back. It's one of the reasons residents cherish living in this beautiful, green community with daily views of majestic mountains, prairie skies and golden fields surrounding a town filled with things to do!

High River is a vibrant, people-first community and the back door to the Kananaskis. Come experience our exciting events, everyday small town charm, beautiful scenery and authentic, western hospitality. It's what keeps people coming back (or staying!)

Steeped in western heritage and forward looking with just the right balance to make sure the things that make this town special are protected - from the beautiful storefronts, to the natural green spaces and especially the vibrant, warm community feeling.

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Living in High River

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