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Looking After Trees & Natural Spaces

The Parks Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of trees and natural areas within the town. Their primary objective is to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of High River's parks, gardens, and green spaces.

Beautiful Natural Setting

Between the Prairies and the Rocky Mountains, High River is the back door to the popular Kananaskis area. With the Highwood River running through Town, residents enjoy natural ecosystems on their doorsteps.

Tree Maintenance

Maintenance of trees and natural areas includes annual tree planting, irrigation, pruning, pest management (weeds, rodents, black knot), watering, fertilizing and removal or replacement of aging poplars.

All maintenance is in accordance with the Town’s Tree Protection Bylaw and Policy and Urban Forest Standards.

The supplementary Tree Protection Policy is intended to provide a framework for managing and maintaining trees on Town property.

Our Parks staff also make sure the Town is adorned with beautiful floral displays from spring to fall!

Town of High River - Tree Health