Community Vitality Fund Supports Initiatives at the Heart of High River!

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Community Vitality Fund Supports Initiatives at the Heart of High River!

HIGH RIVER - The Town of High River loves to celebrate and support the incredible spirit and creativity that our residents bring to our community. We firmly believe that people build communities, and your contributions are the heartbeat of our vibrant town. This is where the Community Vitality Advisory Committee known locally as CVAC (“C-Vac”) comes in.

Every year, CVAC channels the power of community into action by distributing funds for resident projects and community-led initiatives that enrich the lives of everyone in High River.

Community Vitality Funds Opportunity Funds Still Available!

Do you have a project or initiative that could contribute to the vitality of our town? Good news! CVAC still has funding available for 2023. This is your chance to turn your ideas into reality and make a positive impact on High River.

Latest Funding Approval: Indigenous Mural Project at Spitzee School

On November 14, Town Council approved $4,000 of CVAC funding towards an Indigenous Mural project at Spitzee School. This project will demonstrate the rich cultural diversity within High River. It involves the students and will showcase the Indigenous art and local artistic talents.

It’s Your Turn to Shine! Apply for Community Vitality Funds!

  • How to Apply: Visit to learn more about the application process. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring your vision to life with the support of the Town and your community.

Be the Change - Join the Committee!

  • Are you passionate about shaping the future of High River? The Community Vitality Advisory Committee has two vacancies waiting for dedicated individuals like you! Make a difference, share your ideas, and become an integral part of our thriving community. Find out how to apply for a seat on the committee here.

Let's continue to build the vibrant, connected, and lively community that is the heart of High River! Together, we can create a legacy of positivity and vitality that will resonate for generations to come.

High River - Where People Come First!

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