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About the project

The Town of High River is committed to investigating the build of a high-speed Internet service to support High River businesses and the surrounding residents. We are in conversations regarding the viability of the project and in order for those conversations to advance, we need to ensure that we can bring in a highly competitive service that could be offered at a fair price. The initial service area would be focused on the business-dense population in the core of High River and expand outwards with demand.

The next priority is to put out an Request For Proposal (RFP) for construction – an important component of our viability study. The pricing for service would be directly impacted by these costs and so sourcing quality work at a fair price is critical to advance the project.

Why now?

High River may be a small town, but it is full of big ideas. As a growing community of innovators, entrepreneurs and doers, it’s important to always look for ways to advance our community. Providing robust digital and Internet services is one of the ways we are opening up possibilities and opportunities for residents and businesses in High River.

Why Town led?

The Town of High River is leading the charge to determine the viability of the project, and if found to be viable, will execute on building a service that meets the requirements of business at a competitive price. The intent would be to then sell the service to a provider that is aligned with the project goals.

Our goal is to deploy service by Summer of 2019. This is dependent on many factors and we will communicate updates around these timelines as we have them. This critical service will support the local businesses by providing dramatic increases in speed and reliability, facilitating streaming and video conferencing and enabling the use of cloud-based tools.

Service Area Maps

Starting in the Summer of 2019, Broadband services will be offered to residents and businesses with Area A, with Areas B and C to follow as demand grows. Click on the button below to view a map of these areas.

There are plans to roll the project out to other areas of the community in the future. Click the button below to view a map of other potential service areas.