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High River Broadband Coverage

The support and cooperation of the High River community is essential as we carry out important surveys to collect data. Learn more below.

Broadband Coverage Survey Starting June 3, 2024

Starting June 3, 2024, Tango Networks and Ten Four Technology will conduct a comprehensive Broadband Coverage Survey. Community participation is crucial for accurate data collection, which will help assess the town's current broadband status and needs.

To participate in the CIRA High River Performance Test, please click here!

How to get Involved:

For the greatest accuracy, the Town recommends connecting the test device to you home router via a wired ethernet connection.

Business Owners/Operators:

Representatives from Ten Four Technology will visit businesses to complete a comprehensive survey. Share your internet challenges to help identify unsupported areas.


To participate in the CIRA High River Performance Test, please click here!

Follow the below instructions to complete an Internet Speed Test for your property:

CIRA High River Performance Test Procedure Manual | Prinatble PDF

    1. Navigate to CIRA High River Performance Test (
    2. Wait for the Town property map to load.
    3. Allow the browser and CIRA to access your location for the best results.
    4. Optionally, sign in to the website by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner and creating a CIRA account or using an existing one (this is not required).
    5. If location access is granted, the test screen may pick up your postal code and provider. If not, you must manually enter your postal code.
    6. Click the orange ‘Start’ button on the top bar.
    7. Once “Start” is selected, you will be brought to a page where you can add the remaining details required for a successful test (if you are unsure, refer to your Internet Service Provider billing documents for these details). This includes connection type, download and upload speeds, data limits, costs, service type (business or residential), and satisfaction level (dropdown menu).
    8. Once you are satisfied with all the details, check the button indicating ‘I am happy with my information, don’t ask me again’. Press ‘OK’.
    9. Wait a few moments while the test runs and adds your location and connection data.
    10. To view your test details, click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.

    After the test is completed, residents can share their results, learn more about the CIRA Internet Performance test, and consult the FAQ section for additional information.

    Additional information and in-depth answers to common questions can be found in the "FAQ" tab of the CIRA High River Performance Test.

    Town of High River Representatives
    Steven Olmsted
    CEO, Ten Four Technology; Consultant for Town of High River
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    Matt Sproule
    Director, Tango Networks; Consultant for Town of High River
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    Town of High River Contact
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