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March 2020 Letter to Homeowners – Join the Town’s Voluntary Water Sampling Program
Program Begins May 2020 to test household water for presence of lead

Letter introduction…

Dear Homeowner,

As you may know, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) and Environment Canada have shared new guidelines about possible lead hazards in drinking water. These guidelines require municipalities to assess lead hazards that may be caused by older underground pipes that carry water into homes. This letter is to let you know what we are doing and what you can expect as we work to implement the guidelines.

The Town has assessed the water source, and we would like to assure you that our water supply is safe. Based on records we want you to know that there are not many – if any – lead service lines in High River. We have confirmed that the system is not creating lead or sending Lead to the tap. In most cases lead at the tap will be a result of lead pipes and older plumbing fixtures.

The program begins in May 2020 and follows a four-year process

  • Municipalities must develop management plans on behalf of residents
  •  The Town is going through records
  • Any homes that have a recorded Lead Service Line will be notified by a direct letter

In order to properly test for lead and ensure public health, samples must be taken from within the home. Homeowners are invited to participate in a voluntary water sampling program beginning in May 2020.

If you would like your home to be part of this program, or if you suspect lead in your water, please call the Town at 403-652-4657 An appointment will be made to have Town Staff come to your home and take a water sample.


Town of High River’s Water System

Water Source

High River’s water system is comprised of 15 GWUDI (ground water under the direct influence) wells located within the town. Each well is equipped with a submersible pump that allows water to be pumped to the Water Treatment Plant to be treated.


The Town’s Water Treatment Plant is a multi barrier system. Once water from the wells is introduced to the plant the treatment process starts:

  1. A filter aid is added to ensure proper coagulation of the raw water.
  2. Water is then passed through filters. The filters consist of a dual media consisting of 12 inches of anthracite and 12 inches of charcoal.
  3. Once water is discharged from the filters it is passed through UV banks.
  4. After the UV process, chlorine is added to the water.
  5. The water is then sent into the reservoir for contact time (time needed to ensure that the chlorine has had the required time to disinfect the water. The reservoir also provides a supply of treated water for fire flows and demand from the distribution system.
  6. Water then flows into the clear well where it is ready to be pumped into the High River distribution system.

Chemicals Used

The only chemicals used for water treatment in High River are Sodium Hypochlorite 12% (chlorine) and Polyaluminumchloride (clearpac).


The Town of High Rivers distribution system consists of four Hi Lift Vertical Turbine Pumps, 101 kilometres of water mains made from cast iron, AC, DI, and PVC, and 420 fire hydrants. Water is pumped from the water treatment plant at 65 psi to ensure proper pressure to users.

The Town’s waterworks system is operated by highly trained certified operators. All environmental regulations are strictly adhered to.

Drinking water

Drinking water is tested and monitored in accordance with provincial requirements and accepted industry standards to ensure that the water consistently meets all Health Canada and Government of Alberta regulations.

Current Bi-Annual Results:  (November 14, 2019)

  • Total Alkalinity as CaC03 – 235.6mg/l
  • Hardness as CaC03 – 283.9mg/l
  • Fluoride – 0.21mg/l

View a complete analytical data report for treated water entering distribution system.

Residential Water Softeners can be programmed as per manufacturer’s specifications using the Current Bi-Annual Results listed

Boil water advisories

If the Town issues a boil water advisory, affected residents will be notified through the Town website, social media, local media, outdoor signage or direct letters depending on the number of impacted residents.

If the Town has issued a boil water advisory, please review these safety tips.

Wastewater System


The Town’s wastewater collection system is comprised of 12 sanitary lift stations and 90 kilometres of gravity and force mains. Waste water flows from each neighbourhood into the lift station where it is then pumped to the Town’s main lift station. From the main lift station the wastewater is then pumped to the Town’s wastewater treatment plant.


The Town’s wastewater treatment plant is an aerated lagoon system. Aeration is the primary treatment method. Once the wastewater is treated it is pumped to the final discharge point at Frank Lake.

The Towns Wastewater system is operated by highly trained certified operators. All environmental regulations are strictly adhered to.

Contact information

Call 403.652.4657 or e-mail operations@highriver.ca for:

  • Water & sewer service concerns
  • If you need a water meter or suspect a problem with your current meter
  • To report a suspected water leak or sewer disruption