Street Sweepers

Street Sweeping

Annual street sweeping helps to keep our community clean and safe for pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists, ensuring a pleasant and hazard-free environment for all residents and visitors.

The below residential street sweeping schedule may be adjusted if vehicles are blocking cleaning operations, amount of gravel requires a second pass through, and in the event of inclement weather conditions. If your street did not get swept on the scheduled dates, please note that crews will complete street sweeping with second passes as required. Stay tuned to our social media and website for updates on residential street sweeping.

The Road to Cleanliness

Street sweeping clears out the winter sanding chips, storm drains, leaves and road debris and reduces dust on the roads to keep our community clean and safe for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. It also helps to reduce health concerns caused by dust issues for residents as well as minimizes the amount of sedimentation entering the storm water system.

    Street sweeping occurs every spring from April to June, once the snow is gone and roads are dry. It will be suspended during rain or spring snowstorms.
    • Gravel picked up by sweepers is cleaned by a Trommel machine and added to road salt to create the pickle mix used to sand roads during the winter.
    • Signs are posted on neighbourhood streets 24 hours before sweeping begins
    • Please do not park on streets during this time
    • Remove driving ramps or other obstacles during this time
    • Move garbage carts onto the sidewalk or grass next to the curb if your street is scheduled for sweeping on collection day
    • If any debris was missed, crews will circle back to clean that portion of the road at a later date

    When driving behind or walking near a sweeper, please keep a safe distance away. Stones and other flying debris can be hazardous. Please also use caution when passing as the area tends to be dusty, which can restrict visibility.

    Weather permitting, the schedule for the 2024 street sweeping will be as follows:

    • Northwest | April 29 - May 10 
    • Hamptons and Sunshine Lake areas | May 13 - 24
    • Southwest | May 27 - June 7 
    • Montrose, SE/NE Central and Emerson Lake areas | June 10 – 21

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