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Resolving Neighbourhood Dispute

Resolving Neighbourhood Disputes

In all communities, there are differences in opinions. These differences can sometimes escalate into disputes or conflicts between neighbours.

Resolving Neighbourhood Disputes

Community life can be disrupted by unresolved disputes and conflicts between neighbours. The Town of High River Bylaws regulates certain aspects of life - i.e. excessive noise, unsightly properties, pets, and snow removal from sidewalks. Conflicts can often be resolved without needing to involve law enforcement.

What is a Conflict?

Conflict arises when two or more people have different needs, wants, or expectations. While not inherently bad or good, it is an inevitable part of relationships and can be handled in a positive way to bring resolution and repair the relationship.

Tips for Handling Conflict and Emotional Situations

Conflicts can often be solved if the involved parties are open to discussion and willing to compromise. If this fails, professional mediation may be needed.

When Expert Mediation Support is Needed

When disagreements are beyond our ability to resolve, a mediator can provide assistance. Mediation can help with neighbourhood issues like:

  • Pet, noise, and parking issues, or boundaries of property, trees, and fences.
  • Family matters like communication within families, aging parents, and relationship repairs can also benefit from mediation.
  • Community organizations, not-for-profits, condominiums, sports teams, and volunteer organizations.

Town Bylaws Not Being Followed?

Town of High River Municipal Enforcement Officers can enforce provincial laws and bylaws relating to animal protection, environmental protection, liquor consumption in public areas, and traffic safety.

If you have an issue with a general bylaw (parking, unsightly property, noise, etc.) or an animal control concern that isn't aggressive (e.g. loose animal, contained animal, nuisance barking), contact Municipal Enforcement.

  • 24/7 Bylaw Complaint Line: 403-603-3643
  • General Inquiries and Administration: 403-603-3644

Criminal Behavior or Concern for Your Safety?

Call the local RCMP for any criminal matters and dangerous situations.

  • Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.
  • RCMP Admin Line: 403-652-2357
  • Non-Emergency Line: 403-652-2356