Street Sweeping Schedule for Spring 2024

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Street Sweeping Schedule for Spring 2024

HIGH RIVER—As Spring emerges, seasonal cleaning of our boulevards, islands, and bridges is underway. Residential street sweeping is scheduled to begin on April 29 and will run until the middle of June.

Signs will be placed on road shoulders when crews are working in the residential areas to let residents know to move vehicles before the street sweeper comes through.

Weather permitting, the schedule for the 2024 street sweeping will be as follows:

  • Northwest | April 29 - May 10 
  • Hamptons and Sunshine Lake areas | May 13 - 24
  • Southwest | May 27 - June 7 
  • Montrose, SE/NE Central and Emerson Lake areas | June 10 – 21

Crews will spend roughly two weeks cleaning each area, moving to the next location on the list if completed early. 

If residents wish to clean up the gravel in front of their houses, we ask them to sweep it into a pile at the side of their driveway. From there, the street sweepers will collect the pile when passing through.   

Alternatively, a gravel recycling box has been placed at the High River Recycling Center this year. Residents are welcome to bring loose gravel to the Center to be recycled and used again next year. 

Please refrain from placing loose gravel and sand into your garbage bins. Doing so can damage our trucks and cause delays in garbage collection.

Any questions or concerns related to street sweeping can be directed to the Roads Supervisor, Peter Leek, at 403-652-4657.


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