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Annual Street Sweeping Schedule Begins May 1

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Community Maintenance

Town’s Public Works Crew to Start Street Sweeping May 1

HIGH RIVER – After a longer-than-anticipated wait for spring, our Public Works team is set to begin the 2023 street sweeping schedule.

Starting with boulevards, islands and bridges, our crews will move to residential areas between May 1st and 26th.

Signs will be placed on the shoulder of roads when crews are working in residential areas. Please obey all street signs and remain safe from our crews and trucks as they clean the streets.

The Schedule for the 2023 street sweeping is as follows:

  • May 1 to 5 - Northwest High River
  • May 8 to 12 – Hamptons & Sunshine Lake Area
  • May 15 to 19 – Montrose & Central High River
  • May 23 to 26 – Southwest High River

Any debris missed due to unmoved cars will be cleaned up in the same rotation as the initial sweep when crews return for a second sweep.

If you feel the need to clean in front of your house, we ask you to sweep it into a pile on either side of your driveway and let the street sweeper do the rest. Do not place gravel in residential garbage bins, as it causes damage to the Town’s equipment.

Any questions or concerns related to street sweeping can be directed to Public Works at 403-652-4657.


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